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Web Pages, Graphics and Screen Readers: Introduction

Most web pages are designed by sighted people.

A good web page will allow visually impaired users to gather all of its information by allowing users to change the size and colour of text on the screen or to use a screen reader.

A screen reader reads through a web page for people who can not see a computer screen, voicing out loud what it finds on the page. Most web designers will not have heard a screen reader in action: these pages provide that opportunity.

Section 1: listening to a screen reader.

These 5 pages include audio samples of screen reader output, demonstrating how not only text but also links and graphics are handled by the device.

Section 2: providing the best graphic descriptions.

This section shows that an author must not only include a description of graphics, but also that the descriptions must be genuinely useful.

Written, photographed and audio recorded by David King, Staffordshire Media.
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