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Association of Accessibility Professionals

Since early 2004, David King has been a member of the Usability and Accessibility Working Group. David worked in further education at the time and although the A.A.P. is a business group, they made him very welcome. Now David aims to combine his education, training, I.T. and communication skills for Staffordshire Media.

The group aims to promote good practice in the world of accessible media. A key project is the development of an industry standard for accessible media, starting with web sites. Although there are sets of guidelines already in existence, these are not always easy to understand and in some cases impossible to adhere to. In 2005, the group renamed themselves the Association of Accesibility Professionals: previously the group called itself the Usability and Accessibility Working Group.

The A.A.P. is working on an accreditation scheme so that buyers of web sites know that an accredited member really does know about accessible web sites. Several companies have approached us this year offering allegedly accessible web solutions that are inadequate, so a rigorous accreditation system is clearly needed in the U.K.

More information about the accreditation scheme and articles about ensuring that web media can be used equally by everyone can be found on the A.A.P. web site:

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